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What makes us different?

Un producto flexible y novedoso testado y verificado por organismos independientes que se adapta a las particularidades y necesidades de manera DINÁMICA Y CONTINUAA flexible and innovative product tested and verified by independent bodies that adapts to the specific requirements and needs in a DYNAMIC and CONTINUOUS manner

The FLEXIBILITY and INNOVATION of our product. We do not only offer savings in consumption but also a SMART electric power control system that adapts to the particularities and needs of each company in a DYNAMIC and CONTINUOUS manner. Savings generate quality and quality leads to savings.

The equipment can remember the facility’s load curve, identify the make-up of the loads and, based on these variables, adjust the voltage to the optimal value.

Qué hace mejor GESINNE GS
The power optimization function can be activated in such a way that the equipment permanently interacts with the facility to achieve the balance of the main values to achieve the minimum power (KW) needed at any given moment for the correct operation of the facility.

Our system has been TESTED and verified by independent bodies. Gesinne has cooperated and still cooperates closely with the University of Oviedo.

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